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the Owner & Designer of this little paper shoppe
(and supremely awkward photo subject)

I’ve always loved pretty paper things. To this day, I still feel the same little shiver of promise I felt as a kid whenever I opened a new novel, notebook, or sketchbook. I've been a sucker for beautiful papers since I was old enough to sign a birthday card. and the way to my heart is more immediately reached with a beautiful notebook or set of pretty little note cards, than with a bouquet of flowers (sorry to all my florist friends!) And of course, I love sharing in a good story.

One of the first moments I can pinpoint falling in love with paper– and art in general– was when I discovered a bunch of my mom’s artist drawings, proofs, and printmaking plates from her university days as a Fine Arts major, in a printmaker's cabinet in the play room at my grandparents’ house. The soft, cotton papers, the lightly textured impressions from the printing plates, the colours– heck even the smell of that cabinet (which now sits in my studio) made a lasting impression on me as a little girl.

I’ve always loved to make tangible, meaningful and cherished things. After serving some time meticulously setting type at a newspaper, I found myself wondering where my design spirit had gone and that I’d lost touch with all that I hold dear when it come to the creative process. I craved the ability to connect with people again and what better way to do that than with stationery that tells stories.

Beetle & Quill was a labor of love born in sketchbooks on my weekends, and late night creative bursts (and a lot of my collection designs still happen exactly like this). Now, almost 10 years later, I've been lucky enough to collaborate with hundreds of couples to create cherished, heirloom stationery with meaning behind the revelry.


On a typical day, you'll find me spending some time in my home studio in Barrie, Ontario- usually with my miniature tabby shadow, Catasaurus Rex, and these days, with my littlest tag-along, Ben. I'm likely to have a coffee in hand, a smile on my face, and my computer close by for designing or answering emails from joyful couples. And on the weekends I'm usually making all sorts of mess with paper, ink and whatever art materials I can get my hands on.



The most common thing I get asked?

What's with the name Beetle & Quill?

Oddly enough, my name was one of the easiest decisions I made when I decided to start my stationery studio- it just kind of popped into my head one day- which probably begs the question "what exactly goes on on there?"(truthfully sometimes I wonder too). The name was instantly memorable, which is half the battle, but it also made sense; Most people are familiar with quills as some of our first writing implements (and definitely still one of the most elegant), but fewer people know that some of our first pigments came from the crushed shells of insects- like beetles- and other natural sources.

The idea of a quirky name that threw back to a rich tradition of mark making had me at hello, and my studio was born. I'm a happy little odd-ball snail mail aficionado, and my name reflects that.

Let's get to know each other!

Find out if we're a good fit by hovering over the photos below.

I love a good
bubble bath

Nothing ends a day better than

curling up with a book,

or scrolling through Pinterest

in a tub full of bubbles,

with or without the wine.

I am a shameless

I used to be a bespeckled and brace-faced teen with  odd fashion and the ability to sew her own clothes. In fact, I almost made fashion my career choice.

I can't walk in heels

It is a serious bambi-on-ice

kind of situation.

I've tried wedges.

I've tried practice.

Nothing in the world but a

gravity controlled room can

make this happen.

I'm an adoptive mom
and infertility warrior

Woah, I thought these were

supposed to be light, right?

But being an adoptive mom

forms a big part of me.

I wear many hats

I hold a diploma in

Graphic Design but I also have a

diploma in Journalism, and Honours

Bachelors of English and Education.

I'm a crazy cat lady

to one high maintenance kitty

named Catasaurus Rex.

She's a sweet to some,

possessive (both of territory

and of people) tabby so

she's my one and only

fur baby.

Your turn!

You're getting married, what are you most excited about? What about most nervous about? And of course, how can I help?




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