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I'm engaged and excited about pretty paper things, now what?

First take a look around and peruse our portfolio, learn about some of our process here, and then head on over to our contact page and send us a little hello!

When should I send out my wedding invitations?

Most wedding invitations should be sent out 6-8 weeks (2-3 months) before your wedding day. For destination weddings where Save the Dates have not been previously sent, we recommend sending invitations 12-15 weeks (3-4 months) before your wedding day.

When should I contact you?

For custom wedding stationery we recommend getting in touch 9-12 months prior to your wedding day. This gives us enough time to collaborate with you to create something just perfect to reflect all the love and planning that has gone into your wedding day.

For our semi-custom stationery collections, we recommend getting in touch 6+ months prior to your wedding to allow for the greatest number of options for customizing your suite.

What do you mean by wedding invitation suite?

A wedding invitation suite typically includes at the minimum a wedding invitation, reply card, and coordinating envelopes for both. However most couples opt to include additional enclosure cards such as a direction or map card, accommodations, reception or other detail cards.


For more formal occasions (or just those that want to make an impression) we recommend traditional etiquette which utilizes an inner envelope which is often lined with a contrasting colour or unique design, and addressed only with guest names, and an outer envelope which is addressed with the full guest address, and affixed with postage. This envelope protects the inner envelope of the suite, which is traditionally ungummed and allows guests to open their suite in pristine condition.

What will my stationery cost?

We offer a range of stationery suites from semi-custom options based on pre-existing designs to fully custom suites. Most Beetle & Quill couples spend between $1800 and $3200 on their wedding invitation suite and some day of stationery goods.

Bespoke wedding stationery clients typically spend $2500+ for a fully custom luxury stationery suite and day of paper goods.

We currently have a minimum order amount of $1000 CAD.

What if I don't need very many invitations?

We love intimate weddings too. That being said, the same amount of time is invested in designing an order of 20 invitations versus an order of 150 invitations, which is why our design minimum is a $1500 investment for custom wedding stationery, and $1000 for collection stationery suites. 

Do you offer day of stationery goods or other kinds of invitations?

We do! We're happy to design one cohesive, stylish and personal stationery suite to infuse your wedding day with your personality. We offer wedding menus, programs, seating charts, escort cards, place cards, favor tags, signage and more!

Once in awhile, we dip our toes in other types of stationery as well. Feel free to get in touch with us about other occasions right over here.

Do you offer samples before we purchase?

We're currently working on developing a sample kit for purchase. This will be available alongside the launch of our collections later this summer and fall (so join our email list to get the big news!)

How do you print your invitations?

While some of our specialty processes (such as handmade paper and vellum wraps) are printed in house, we've partnered with local trusted trade printers to produce our digitally printed, letterpress and foil stamping print options.

What does postage cost these days?

Most wedding stationery suites will require one standard postage rate stamp for your reply card ($0.90) and will require between $1.90 (for a simple invitation, reply and envelopes) and $3.15 per suite to mail. For couples seeking vintage postage, you can expect to pay 1.5x- 3x the value of each stamp depending on how rare it is.

Do you offer mailing services?

We are pleased to offer complementary mailing services to all of our clients, where this would save you money (by not requiring any further postage). Mailing services are subject to signing of our standard mailing agreement and require you to either purchase postage with your suite, or provide it to us if you have sourced it yourself.

Your keepsake suite will be securely shipped to you to keep for your wedding memories alongside your wedding album and prints.

Will my invitations arrive assembled?

In cases where our clients choose not to take advantage of mailing services, your invitations will be assembled with care to the fullest extent possible, while allowing us to ship securely. Often this means that your envelopes will be packaged separately in shrink wrap to avoid premature moistening of the envelopes to to changing whether conditions.

Where do you ship too? / Do you offer delivery or local pick up?

We will gladly ship your custom stationery around the world. Whether you're an hour away from our Barrie, Ontario or requesting we ship your day-of stationery goods straight to your wedding venue in Tuscany, we're happy to accommodate your shipping requests. Please inform us at the beginning of your order so we can arrange a quote for you, and plan appropriate timelines.

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